Charles Saunders Returns!

by Morgan Holmes

dossouye_coverI received an e-mail from Charles Saunders on his latest book. Dossouye collects the adventures of a women warrior set in Saunders’ fantasticated Africa — Nyumbani. The original stories go back over twenty-five years in anthologies such as Amazons! and Sword and the Sorceress. Charles de Lint was able to put together his own collection, Into the Green, from stories that appeared in those same anthologies about fifteen years ago. Here is the perfect companion book.

The Dossouye stories are full of action and realistic in their own way. No Barbie princess turned swordstress amazon here. Dossouye is a hard-bitten soldier from a corp of amazons in the nation of Dahomey based on real history.

You can order this book at Lulu Books. This is a Sword and Soul Media presentation.